10 July

The aircon in the foyer is deceptively warm.  It is tomblike here today – cold and damp and quiet.    Our aircon is cold – and not a control in sight.  I think we share with the piano studios.  Have to turn it on for a while – no opening windows.  The stuffiness does add to the ambience, though.

I should be able to concentrate, but miss the buzzing and the noise.  No, I don’t I am so annoyed that everyone else but me is somewhere else doing something else that I cannot think to save myself.  I feel like such a wallflower.

 And I couldn’t sleep.  Wide awake until the alarm went off, then instantly exhausted.

I am gradually encroaching on the other PhD’s space – a millimeter at a time.  I will have them both out the door soon.  I did warn them that if they went away to conferences and left me here alone this was likely to happen.  They have nobody but themselves to blame.