Day 2 of Project Week

It is day 2 of Project Week.  I do not know whether this phenomenon is unique to the conservatorium – I hope not because it is such a buzz.  A week of doing musical stuff.  Yesterday a presentation about community music.  Today – today – TODAY  – Simone Young rehearsing Mahler’s 2nd with the Hamburg Phil.  Also breathing with Margaret, writing with Jenny, and performance skills with Irene.  Awesome day – that will take me through to 10 – approaching fast. 

Tomorrow, more Mahler – lunchtime Tango concert with Cecile….and a meeting with the supers….hmmmm…..should attempt to do some work and not go to Business of Music at 10…really, really should do some work…Tony Garcia is reinterpreting the guitar in the recital hall…really need to do some work…

Lets see what we can get done in an hour – there is a break between the two Mahler rehearsals tonight…oh, but there is a concert…

I’ll be off, then!

Well, I’m back…ethics has been disapproved…unapproved…..revoked…..and I haven’t even started the project…….back to work.


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