Community Choir…..

So, I am babysitting a choir for a friend who has gone OS on a holiday.  She is posting wonderful pictures of her trips to Machu Pichu while I am trying to navigate the hymnal and the complexities of dealing with a community choir.  It has been 6 weeks now.  I keep thinking it has been longer – much, much longer – but it hasn’t.  Thought they would have settled by now, but no.  Director of music is off indefinitely on stress leave.  You would think that would have told them something, but no.  I am just going to have to sit on them next week.  Meanwhile, I am being very public service – keep telling the traveling one that everything is going well, but not too well, in the hopes that I don’t spook her into staying OS.  She had better come back.  Please come back. Pretty please with cream and sugar and a descant on top!  

Excitement, though – writing a meta-analysis or maybe two – my love of a good meta-analysis is unbounded. I hope I can do the field proud.  Music obs with the preschoolers at 11, then the Das Rheingold Symposium.  Orffing all weekend.  Would like to go to the movies. And buy some strawberries…


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