Grand plans gone awry…

So…big plans to input papers into NVivo.  Papers are at home.  I am here.  Freud would have a lot to say about this, indubitably.  It’s not like I don’t have enough to do without the papers, but that was the plan, and here I sit – all dressed up and nowhere to go.

On to plan B.  EndNote search.  I took all of my physical papers home for sorting.  Wait, opening the filing cabinet reveals that this is not at all correct.  And we have Baddeley’s 2003 paper on working memory and language and a paper on speech v. singing courtesy of Diana Deutsch.  

OK – so the plan is not to reread research, but to write, but now I have a pot of tea.  5-minutes.  Time me.

Baddeley, A (2003).  Working memory and language: an overview, Journal of Communication Disorders, 36. 189-207.  Discusses multi-component working memory framed by the tripartite model from his 1974 book authored with Graham Hitch.  ‘Their data indicated that there was indeed progressive impairment as the concurrent digit load was increased, but the effect was far from dramatic.’ – remember this, it is important.  

In undergrad psych, we were told Baddeley and Hitch found there was no interference between the operation of visual short term memory and auditory short term memory, as if there were two completely separate systems.  If this were true, you could be watching the road while you drive and listening to a conversation and be fully aware and attentive to both tasks.  Research indicates that people turn down the radio when they need to focus on driving.  Attention is the big ticket item here.

And pay attention is what I need to do…starting right….now…..





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