Stage fright…

Well, it is Tuesday.  I have set up all of my tasks to complete this phase of the thesis.  Today I am scheduled to write the revised consent forms, but I have a giant knot in my stomach.  Why?  I am worried about the design.  I am worried I am going to get it wrong.  I am worried that no-one else will like my design.  It is fine while it is in my head, but once it is out there it is go time – and then what?  So if I just read some more papers…I will find the magic answer…

Am I the only person who uses research to procrastinate?  It is the best, seriously.  I look like I am working hard when what I am actually doing in vacillating.  Too scared to move forward, too stubborn to stop.

I must write these forms today.  Astrid is nagging and nagging and nagging and I have a meeting with the statistician that I MUST be ready for, and appointments that must be made.

So here’s to ethics and all its forms.  I can do this…I really can…


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