Saturday afternoon…1pm…

Well, it’s Saturday afternoon, I have a cold and I am sitting in my office attempting to work.  Observations this morning and decided to keep myself in here until 4 because 1) yearly review is due on 31st – haven’t started it; 2) ethics amendment is due; 3) change of supervision form is due; 4) abstract due for AMPS conference next week; 5) need to do some writing – so general paperwork stuff that I have been procrastinating over.

The sites have all approved my study.  Consent and information packages are/have gone to parents this week.  Applications have been sent to EQ and Cath Ed.   Just remembered – also have to send a letter to Devereux.  

How am I going to cope without my nagging squiddy friend Astrid after next week?  Though she has suggested several alternatives, none have the charm of the little red squid that sends me text messages during dinner to ask what I am doing – because I should be doing something thesis related.


Well…I have printed a bundle of information packages.  Now for consent forms.  


Oh yes, and three minute thesis – thanks Astrid.  Only two hours and thirty seven minutes until ice-cream – yes, I have been promised gelati if I get my work done (and people wonder why I study preschoolers – total meeting of minds).  So I had better get to it – salted caramel gelati waits for no man…or grad student.   Ciao for now!