Post conference blues…

I am sitting here writing and listening to Katie Noonan’s ‘Songbook’.  The Australian Music Psychology Conference in Melbourne seems eons ago, the World Forum on Music here even longer.  I had forgotten where I bought this CD until I read the personalisation.  Katie sat on a panel and gave a wonderful concert – wow, I met Katie Noonan.  Seven conferences in seven days will do that, I suppose.  Margaret Osbourne and I compared notes at the AMPS conference – ‘Seven – what were they?’  she asked. I couldn’t remember them when I was there, so fat chance after a couple of reds.  Just ran around with a swag of name tags around my neck and stumbled into rooms, mostly.  I did present when I needed to present, though.  

Tried to get surveys and forms to schools, even from Melbourne.  Nothing was working, or is working as it should – why is that?  Teachers can complete one form online, but the parents can’t – why, why, why?  Test of the surveys from Griffith not producing any results.   No-one answering emails or phone calls.  In the end it was easier to surrender to the bliss that was Melbourne and trust that this will be easier to deal with from Brisbane, anyway.   

Caught up with Sebastian for ramen and frozen yoghurt.  He is writing his conclusion and has had quite the year himself.  

Traditional Lithuanian folk music and hospitality at the Lithuanian Club in North Melbourne.  The Lost Clog will be at Woodford this year.  


Tearing the days off the calendar – 12 since I was last here.  Message for today ‘Piece of Cake’.  Yep.

All the best,