Angels Easter

This is the last week for Aria Angels before Easter.  Gail will be at Victoria Point and yours truly taking the Sunnybank class.  The end of term has come around very quickly.  Great to see so many new faces.  Brilliant that so many families have returned, especially with pre-prep really coming into its own in Queensland.  This term the lessons have focussed on colour and fruit – especially apples, the stalwart  of the early childhood repertoire.

I am swimming in data and will be heading off shortly to collect some more – as you do.  Plans of coming to grips with the video footage lay in Mondayesque ruins.  Tuesday and Wednesday are awash with meetings.  At least I have caught up with paperwork.  And I have my family of external hard drives in the one place, which is a feat in itself.   I have contacted JVC for advice on converting tod files and cursed at Tim the video camera salesman just a little.

My canon 60D and Sony Action Cam are working well.  No overheating problems with the canon at all.  

The wonderful children at Kathryn’s Music Room are on the agenda this afternoon.  New Manfrotto tripod and a nifty fifty lens with a should will make this afternoon a little less like my normal juggling act.