Angels Easter

This is the last week for Aria Angels before Easter.  Gail will be at Victoria Point and yours truly taking the Sunnybank class.  The end of term has come around very quickly.  Great to see so many new faces.  Brilliant that so many families have returned, especially with pre-prep really coming into its own in Queensland.  This term the lessons have focussed on colour and fruit – especially apples, the stalwart  of the early childhood repertoire.

I am swimming in data and will be heading off shortly to collect some more – as you do.  Plans of coming to grips with the video footage lay in Mondayesque ruins.  Tuesday and Wednesday are awash with meetings.  At least I have caught up with paperwork.  And I have my family of external hard drives in the one place, which is a feat in itself.   I have contacted JVC for advice on converting tod files and cursed at Tim the video camera salesman just a little.

My canon 60D and Sony Action Cam are working well.  No overheating problems with the canon at all.  

The wonderful children at Kathryn’s Music Room are on the agenda this afternoon.  New Manfrotto tripod and a nifty fifty lens with a should will make this afternoon a little less like my normal juggling act.

Post conference blues…

I am sitting here writing and listening to Katie Noonan’s ‘Songbook’.  The Australian Music Psychology Conference in Melbourne seems eons ago, the World Forum on Music here even longer.  I had forgotten where I bought this CD until I read the personalisation.  Katie sat on a panel and gave a wonderful concert – wow, I met Katie Noonan.  Seven conferences in seven days will do that, I suppose.  Margaret Osbourne and I compared notes at the AMPS conference – ‘Seven – what were they?’  she asked. I couldn’t remember them when I was there, so fat chance after a couple of reds.  Just ran around with a swag of name tags around my neck and stumbled into rooms, mostly.  I did present when I needed to present, though.  

Tried to get surveys and forms to schools, even from Melbourne.  Nothing was working, or is working as it should – why is that?  Teachers can complete one form online, but the parents can’t – why, why, why?  Test of the surveys from Griffith not producing any results.   No-one answering emails or phone calls.  In the end it was easier to surrender to the bliss that was Melbourne and trust that this will be easier to deal with from Brisbane, anyway.   

Caught up with Sebastian for ramen and frozen yoghurt.  He is writing his conclusion and has had quite the year himself.  

Traditional Lithuanian folk music and hospitality at the Lithuanian Club in North Melbourne.  The Lost Clog will be at Woodford this year.  


Tearing the days off the calendar – 12 since I was last here.  Message for today ‘Piece of Cake’.  Yep.

All the best,



Joint writing group

Well, we’re into our first joint staff and student writing group.  Two of us here.  Quality, not quantity, right?  Have scored a brochure on free yoga sessions offered by the student council at the art college.  

Need to finish the systematic literature review I started in December.  Just have to find it now…

Saturday afternoon…1pm…

Well, it’s Saturday afternoon, I have a cold and I am sitting in my office attempting to work.  Observations this morning and decided to keep myself in here until 4 because 1) yearly review is due on 31st – haven’t started it; 2) ethics amendment is due; 3) change of supervision form is due; 4) abstract due for AMPS conference next week; 5) need to do some writing – so general paperwork stuff that I have been procrastinating over.

The sites have all approved my study.  Consent and information packages are/have gone to parents this week.  Applications have been sent to EQ and Cath Ed.   Just remembered – also have to send a letter to Devereux.  

How am I going to cope without my nagging squiddy friend Astrid after next week?  Though she has suggested several alternatives, none have the charm of the little red squid that sends me text messages during dinner to ask what I am doing – because I should be doing something thesis related.


Well…I have printed a bundle of information packages.  Now for consent forms.  


Oh yes, and three minute thesis – thanks Astrid.  Only two hours and thirty seven minutes until ice-cream – yes, I have been promised gelati if I get my work done (and people wonder why I study preschoolers – total meeting of minds).  So I had better get to it – salted caramel gelati waits for no man…or grad student.   Ciao for now! 


Looking for attachment…and executive function…

So, I am looking for tests of attachment in preschool children.  Ainsworth’s strange situation test was designed for infants…surely…

Protocols for the HTKS task have arrived, many thanks to Claire Cameron Ponitz and Megan McClelland.  Very clearly written and easy to follow – and look like they will be really engaging activities for preschoolers.  

I am confident that I will have the tasks measuring attachment and initiative finalised by this afternoon.  Appointment has been made with the stats advisor.   Then it’s time.  I am so excited.

Tuesday 9:45am

So…it is Tuesday.  The day following my meeting where Supervisor Don where he suggested that I make a list of everything I have to do with a date to do it by on a whiteboard I discovered Astrid.  Astrid is a to-do-list program that takes the tasks from my computer and nags me from somewhere in the cloud via my android to do what I said I was going to do when I said I was going to do it.  

‘Excuse me!  You said you were going to finish entering the papers for your lit review today.  Have you done it yet?’  “What are you doing right now?  You said you would email Professor X to arrange a meeting to discuss self regulation in preschoolers.’  

Not only that, but you can customise the program to send emails to significant other parties.  I set it up to send emails to my husband at work – just to see how and whether it worked and can’t work out how to delete him.  For the past week it has been a variant of the same amused greeting,  ‘Hello, so, I see you finally input the papers for your lit review today – good for you.’  I am sure this will start wear thin soon.  And Astrid is far better than my old system of writing notes on anything that came to hand and losing them as quickly as they were written.   And there she goes again…I just wish I didn’t feel like I was 11-years-old.  Or maybe I do… 

Stage fright…

Well, it is Tuesday.  I have set up all of my tasks to complete this phase of the thesis.  Today I am scheduled to write the revised consent forms, but I have a giant knot in my stomach.  Why?  I am worried about the design.  I am worried I am going to get it wrong.  I am worried that no-one else will like my design.  It is fine while it is in my head, but once it is out there it is go time – and then what?  So if I just read some more papers…I will find the magic answer…

Am I the only person who uses research to procrastinate?  It is the best, seriously.  I look like I am working hard when what I am actually doing in vacillating.  Too scared to move forward, too stubborn to stop.

I must write these forms today.  Astrid is nagging and nagging and nagging and I have a meeting with the statistician that I MUST be ready for, and appointments that must be made.

So here’s to ethics and all its forms.  I can do this…I really can…

Monday morning 9am…

Here again.  Pile of papers to be sorted currently stands at around 3 inches…2 hours…here goes…OK after email to music psychology group about colloquium on 30 April…here goes…and it’s 9:20…pm, not am…still about 2.75 inches of papers to input.  Thank goodness tomorrow is a new day.